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I’m going to actually attempt this blog thing because people have been pestering me to do so. For the most part, this should be as spoiler free as possible, but when there are spoilers, I will try to note it beforehand.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a 20-year-old college senior from outside of Chicago who works at one of the coolest places in the world–Anderson’s Bookshop. I am also on the team for both Anderson’s Camp Divergent and Anderson’s Camp YA All-Access. I read mostly young adult books, and am hoping to become a librarian for teens. I also love theater and making cookies. It’s a fun life.

If I ever provide links for something, I will never provide one to Amazon. Ever. There is absolutely not a reason to shop at Amazon for books unless you absolutely don’t really care about the book, in which case why are you buying the book in the first place? Do some reflection. Indie Bookstores can ship books to you. Powell’s has used books and can ship them to you. Books are worth the money, and Amazon is worth ignoring. 

That’s me in a nutshell.

❤ Rae


Hello, everyone! My name is Sunny, and I’m so excited to be on this blogging adventure with you all and Rae! I’m a Freshman Vocal Performance major which means that I sing opera. Eek! In addition to my love of performance, I love reading almost everything, but YA fantasy is my all time favorite! I do have to say “Harry Potter” is my favorite book series of all time, closely followed by the “Something Strange and Deadly” trilogy.

Along with Rae, I am affiliated with Anderson’s Camp Divergent! It’s a super fun time and a great way to further appreciate the world of Divergent, as well as other dystopian worlds!

Feel free to email or tweet me about cool books that you’ve read, because I’m always looking for my next novel!!



🙂 Sunny


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